The Game Ready System is simple to use. Controls for the GRPro 2.1 Game Ready unit are intuitive. Convenient settings automate alternating treatment and "rest" cycles to make it easy to follow your practitioner's orders. Complete how-to videos, user guides, and customer support services assure hassle-free operation and easy treatments.

Rental Agreement

To rent a Game Ready you need to complete the Game Ready Rental Form.

Rental Period

The minimum Game Ready rental period for a Workers Compensation claim is 4 weeks and can be extended. For a Private Rental, the minimum period is 2 weeks. It is recommended that we deliver your Game Ready either prior to surgery or the day of discharge so you can immediately start using your Game Ready at home. The rental period will commence on the day of delivery. The final date of your rental is the day when the unit is lodged at Australia Post for return.

Rental Cost

The cost of the Game Ready rental is $550 for 4 weeks and $299 for 2 weeks (includes GST). For private rentals please liaise with the Customer Service Team on 1300 473 422 to make payment arrangements.


We will send out your Game Ready unit on the date required (weekdays only). The rental period will commence on the day of delivery. If you will not be home on the day of delivery, it is suggested having the Game Ready delivered to a work address as a delivery time cannot be specified. The unit will arrive complete with the nominated wrap and instruction sheet.

How to Return your Game Ready

You will be provided with an Australia Post return label for returning the Game Ready unit in the same box that it was delivered in. The unit must be emptied and wiped dry prior to re-boxing and return.

It is your responsibility to return the Game Ready unit on the final day of your rental period. If you wish to extend your rental period for a further period you must arrange this at least 7 working days prior to the end of your rental period.

How to Return Your Game Ready Rental. Step One: Your Game Ready rental unit will come packaged in 2 boxes. Step 2: DO NOT throw the PREPAID inner box away, as you will need it latter for the return of the unit. Step 3: After the rental period, empty and wipe the unit dry. Then place the complete Game Ready Rental unit back in the labelled PRE-PAID inner box supplied. Step 4: Seal the box and sign the declaration marked on the Express Post label attached on the box. Step 5: Drop off and lodge at your nearest Australia Post Office. Nothing to pay! Step 6: Please keep your Australia Post recept as proof of your return. This will help track the return of your rental and ensure that no other applicable fees will be applied.