Game Ready Rental now gives you the opportunity to manage pain & swelling unlike any other device allowing you to enhance your recovery and return to normal activity faster.

Game Ready is the preferred system for providing cold & compression therapy used by thousands of Orthopaedic Surgeons, physiotherapy clinics and Athletes from virtually every professional sport.

Cold therapy has been shown to be effective in decreasing pain, muscle spasms, and swelling.1,2 Game Ready takes these benefits further by adding active, intermittent compression. Active compression goes beyond mitigating pain and swelling by mimicking the body's natural muscle contractions, 'pumping' swelling out of the injured area, stimulating tissue healing, increasing blood flow and the delivery of oxygen to the injured area and optimising lymphatic drainage.2,3,4,5,6

How does it Work?

  • The Game Ready system continually circulates cold water from the control unit's ice reservoir around the anatomical wrap via a connecting hose before returning back through the ice reservoir. This forms a continuous loop.
  • As the cold water is circulated around the injured area it draws heat out of the tissue. By returning continuously back through the ice reservoir, it allows the water temperature to be refreshed, staying colder for longer periods of time compared to an ice pack or cuff.
  • The unique design of the anatomical wraps allows the cold water to be circulated evenly around the entire surface area of the part of the body being treated allowing full circumferential coverage.
  • In addition to continuous cooling, the Game Ready system is able to simultaneously apply intermittent pneumatic compression via the same anatomical wrap. This allows the application of both cold and compression therapy in one safe, easy to apply device. The display panel allows you to adjust the temperature and compression to comfort.
  • On the advice of your treating therapist, you have the option of setting your own treatment settings manually, or you can select one of six pre-set treatment programmes that will run continually for approximately 10 hours. During this time the system will turn itself on and off and apply treatment according to the selected programme. At any stage treatment can easily be paused and the wrap removed to allow you to move about as required.

The Game Ready Advantage

Game Ready is a powerful recovery tool and an easy-to-use treatment option both pre and post surgery or following injury. The following are just a few features that make the Game Ready system so effective.

  • Adjustable Cold Therapy - Cold therapy has been shown to decrease pain and muscle spasms, tissue damage and swelling. Game Ready's temperature is easily adjusted to allow you to set your treatment temperature so it is always comfortable.
  • Adjustable Intermittent Compression - Compression has been shown to limit and control swelling thus accelerating of the healing process.1,2 The level of intermittent compression is easily adjusted to suit your level of comfort.
  • Enhanced Comfort - Game Ready's patented anatomical wraps are uniquely designed and easy to apply for maximum comfort without the mess or hassle of ice packs or cuffs. Importantly, each wrap that is delivered with a rental system has a new outer fabric sleeve fitted and is compliant with infection control measures.
  • Ease of Use - A simple user interface makes the operation of the unit clear and simple. Pre-set programs allow the system to run continuously for inpatient or overnight use at home, or you can manually set treatments to fit around daily activity.
  • Portable - The customised carry bag allows the unit to be easily transported giving you the options to administer treatment from the hospital to the home or wherever required.

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